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Lighting Techniques for Corporate Events

Lighting can help set the tone of your corporate event. It’s important to get it right because if the lights are too bright your event may seem industrial and rigid. If your lights are too dark, guests will miss the other design aspects and may become so relaxed they feel tired. Great lighting will create the perfect ambiance for your live event production and will help you focus the impact where it needs to be. Here are lighting tips for you to consider at your next event.


Aser Light in Nightclub Image Audiovisuals
Laser Light in Nightclub – Image Audiovisuals

 Create A Light Show

A light show is a great way to start because it grabs people’s attention. A lighting engineer can design a custom show specifically for you. A great reason to use a light show at a corporate event is to quiet the crowd and build excitement for the main event. Light shows are perfect for high-energy events because they make a very memorable experience.





Uplighting can take bland rooms and event spaces and transform them into the perfect atmosphere. This is especially important for more basic venues, such as an ballrooms or conference centers, which were most likely built to be generic looking. Since basic rooms don’t have a lot of character, you can build ambience with more lighting and decor. Different uplighting techniques include using a specific color to compliment the theme or to create a wow factor for guests entering the room.


Image Audiovisuals Dining Event
Image Audiovisuals Dining Event

Pin Lighting

Pin lighting is an excellent way to direct attention to specific aspects of your event you want people to be sure and notice. Using a spotlight creates a dramatic effect that can transform table settings into beautiful pieces of art. Not only do pin lights add drama to your event lighting, but they help separate dark table linens and centerpieces. Pin lighting helps make your event design a more visual experience for your guests.




A GOBO is a beam of light with a metal stencil placed over it to create a pattern. GOBO’s can project any design or pattern including abstract shapes, pictures or company logos. Since you can project GOBO’s almost anywhere, including ceilings, floors, and walls, they are a great way to add interest, while promoting your brand at the same time. Having your logo in bright lighting is a great way to give your event a very classy feel. GOBO’s are very flexible and are really only limited by your imagination.


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  • This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that uplighting can change a bland room’s atmosphere. My daughter’s wedding is coming up, and the best venue we could find for the size of the expected group is pretty generic. We’ll definitely look into getting some uplighting to make it more personalized. Thanks for the great post!

    • Glad we were able to help with some ideas on how to use uplighting to create extra drama and dimension, it sounds like your daughters wedding will be beautiful.

  • A light show at our corporate event would be so awesome! Usually they are pretty boring but we are trying to spice it up this year! When we hire someone to do lighting we will ask them if they can make a cool show just for us. I have a feeling this kind of lighting will make this event a lot better! Thanks for all the unique event lighting ideas for our corporate party!

  • Lighting sets the mood for any event, and if not done right, it can run it. I love going to concerts and when there is an act that has a phenomenal light show, it adds to the music and the experience. On the other hand, if you want something comfortable and classy, having nice soft lighting is always nice. I’ve never heard of pin lighting, but probably see it all of the time. Thanks for the info!

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