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What is Parallel Event Planning?

This week on the Conference Minute, Simon and Briana discuss our new planning technique to help our clients navigate the everchanging event landscape. We simultaneously plan for live, hybrid, and virtual at the same time so our clients are covered, no matter what happens. Take a listen!        

Preparing Your Team For Your Hybrid Event

One of the most overlooked planning aspects of hybrid events is dedicating time and energy preparing your event team. The staff is of course a key part to event success, but its often assumed they know what they need to do and what to expect. Especially in our new and changing environment, they’ll need more…

Preparing Your Speakers For A Hybrid Event

In our current hybrid world, content is becoming more important than ever. It’s the bridge between our two audiences and is the main attraction for online attendees. Good presentation topics and speakers make on-demand (and its additional revenue) more viable. But it’s not just about putting together a good agenda; it’s about making sure your…

Preparing Your Audience for Your Hybrid Event

Events have always called for a high level of communication to attendees for the event to be successful, but our new hybrid reality means we need to dedicate extra time and resources to a create a clear communication plan for all attendees, whether onsite or online. Not only do you have general event communications relevant to…

Four Ways Your Virtual Audience Can Watch Your Event Content

Planning a hybrid event? You’ve got a lot of decisions to make! One big one being how your virtual audience will consume the content from your onsite speakers. In this article, we outline the four most common ways: 1. Stream All Sessions Live Streaming all sessions (general and breakout) live is usually the first option…

Meeting professionals discussing hybrid events for a virtual event

Watch our Event Tech Live session: From Essentials to Extraordinary: AV For Hybrid Events. This 20-minute presentation covers budgeting, planning, and technology considerations for hybrid events, and we give you specific language to use for your upcoming venue RFPs.

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