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Hybrid Planning Tips – Increase Your ROI

A major benefit of hybrid and the digitization of events are the new viewers you and your sponsors can reach.

Events now have the opportunity to generate more revenue over a long period of time. Here’s 5 tips to help increase ROI for your hybrid event:

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  1. Offer different registration tiers for your virtual attendees, targeting new participants who don’t typically have access to onsite conferences.


  1. Create a VIP registration tier with private, small-group discussions with speakers and advanced selection of breakout sessions.


  1. Build plenty of CTAs for your sponsors in the virtual and onsite environments. This can be done through form fills, online quizzes, prize giveaways, push notifications, etc. It’s easiest to see event value with tangible leads and analytics like booth impressions.


  1. Since your content is already being streamed, repurpose it by creating an on demand library of recorded sessions, available for purchase as individual sessions, tracks, or entire library.


  1. Within the on demand platform, consider offering a paid subscription model where new content is released throughout the year.


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