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Hybrid Planning Tips – Onsite Venue

Hybrid events call for a very deliberate onsite strategy. We outline five tips to use while working with your venue.    1. Understand the venue’s internet requirements and capabilities. In the era of the livestream, internet reliability is extremely important. Make sure you’re communicating your anticipated bandwidth needs – you may need additional antennas in…
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Hybrid Planning Tips – Event Formats

The way our viewers consume content is constantly evolving. Especially in a hybrid world, the key is creating the flexibility to engage with your content in a way that resonates with the audience. We outline five different ways you can format your upcoming hybrid event:   1. Your live and virtual schedules don’t need to…
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Hybrid Planning Tips – Content Production

Event planners and presenters face a new set of logistics speaking to different audiences in different formats. When executed correctly, your presenters can serve as another engagement opportunity between in-person and virtual audiences.     Here’s five ways to up your content production.       If you have onsite presenters speaking to audiences in-person…
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Meeting professionals discussing hybrid events for a virtual event

Watch our Event Tech Live session: From Essentials to Extraordinary: AV For Hybrid Events. This 20-minute presentation covers budgeting, planning, and technology considerations for hybrid events, and we give you specific language to use for your upcoming venue RFPs.

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