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Planning events can be stressful, and with the audio visual landscape changing faster than ever, keeping up with new trends will give you new ways to wow your clients and attendees. The most important factor in delivering an engaging message to an attentive audience is selecting the right av service provider.

Keeping things interesting for your event is all about getting more interactive and digital. Choosing from the myriad of projection and LED technologies available can be a daunting task. Understanding the differences in these technologies regarding brightness, resolution, application and costs will allow you to select the right solution that will deliver the best value to you.

At Image Audiovisuals, we’ve invested in the best technologies and people because we know what it takes to put on a great event. Out-of-the-box creativity is what we’re know for, and often that allows us to provide you more with less. Our team can design and engineer the technology to make your event spectacular!

Display and Video Trends

An important trend to take full advantage of is the rise of 4K displays and VR systems. This is even more of a requirement if you have an event that’s heavy on presentation of information and graphics.

Videos are the new text when it comes to delivering and conveying information. Live event video content is more impactful than static slides, and there is much greater audience retention. Invest in a good videographer and editor and you’ll surely reap the rewards of presentable, high-quality content.

ImageAV provides on-site conference video recording and live streaming services for a wide variety of conferences, meetings and events. Our proprietary hardware and software combines the presenter’s voice with a fully synchronized video capture of the on-screen presentation. We can deliver an on demand video library of all your plenary and breakout sessions, allowing everyone to virtually attend every session.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

There’s a major difference between virtual reality and augmented reality. Virtual reality is active (meaning you have to decide to take part of a VR experience), augmented reality is passive. It can be used throughout the day as part of our everyday lives. Think of it like the difference between playing video games at home on the couch, and playing games on your iPhone while you’re in line at Starbucks.

You may find that the venues you work with will start using AR technology to showcase their event spaces. Imagine arriving to a site visit, and getting handed a set of AR glasses that show you layout options for your event as they would appear in the room around you. As a first step, planners can encourage properties to upload imagery to Google business photos. The service already offers full support for 3D photos and video. Interactive photo a video filters on Instagram and Snapchat are pure fun, and they’re a mainstream representation of what AR can do today.

Both VR and AR are technologies that have largely risen to popularity in the video gaming industries, but a growing number of events are beginning to incorporate the technologies to provide a unique experience.

Projection Mapping

Projection mapping (also known as spatial augmented reality and video mapping) is a type of projection technology used to turn objects (often those irregularly shaped) into a display surface for video projection. By using specialized software, a 2-D or 3-D object is spatially mapped on the virtual program, which mimics the real environment it’s being projected onto. The software can interact with a projector to fit any desired image onto any surface. Some exhibitors are using this technology right now, allowing ever-changing environments within their meeting or exhibit space. With projection mapping, you can display multiple graphic designs, images, colors, and videos as the canvas of your booth or stage. This creates unique, powerful and engaging canvases to deliver your message and create powerful messages.

It’s important to remember, that both novice and experienced planners run into details that can be challenging. Let our AV team handle those challenges as part of your team!

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