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Going the Extra Mile (25,000 to be exact!) to Ensure Our Client’s Programs are Professional and Consistent

When a Fortune 100 company came to Image Audiovisuals to help manage a complicated, multi-city and multi-faceted educational series for their most important clients and investors, they had very vital needs: standardization and repeatability. Using in-house and local vendors prior to contracting with Image had left the company “rolling the dice” and with a presentation format that varied from city to city and audience to audience. Presenters traveling to cities across the U.S. were dependent on their own technological and audio visual savvy, which, more often than not, was not up to par, and presentations were often fraught with computer mishaps and irregularities.

Image created a custom set design and standardized the entire presentation equipment inventory needed for the general and breakout sessions, based on the client’s needs. We then duplicated this inventory for each of the two delivery trucks needed to “hopscotch” each other across the country to meet the tight delivery and event schedules. Image handled all of the AV logistics for every city, including pre-production site surveys and detailed floorplans of each venue to ensure there were no unwanted surprises along the way. We provided all AV-related labor as well, including a dedicated Project Manager and AV specialists that traveled to each city on the tour.

Beginning in July, our team hit the road (and the air!) for seven weeks to support the client’s 11-city roadshow. The tour, which covered over 25,000 miles, originated in Denver and included stops in Dallas, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Columbus, New York City, Minneapolis, Atlanta, and San Francisco.

The outcome was a level of uniformity and reliability that ensured a standard of professionalism and a consistency of experience for all attendees in every city the company was presenting. An added benefit was our ability to put the presenters at ease and provide them a worry-free format and assistance.