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Take the Guess Work Out of Site Selection, and Help Your Bottom Line

Recently Image Audiovisuals was able to help one of our clients with the daunting task of site selection for several of their events across the US. Not only were we saving the client time, but just as importantly, we were able to address several obstacles beforehand saving the client money and unneeded on-site hassle.

This was a large technology company that was putting together a showcase tour to highlight the company and its recent successes. They were having difficulties finding a full service audio visual company to travel to their multiple locations. ImageAV was able to come in and meet with the client and get the process underway by establishing production levels and expectations, while allowing the clients marketing team to express their creative ideas.

Once expectations were set, our ImageAV team reached out to numerous venues to gather information on the client’s behalf. Our team was able to come back to the customer with rigging capacity, size restrictions, lighting sources, power capabilities and then provided preliminary drawings for each hotel with different layouts. Gathering this information upfront gave the customer information that they generally would not get until much farther along in the process, allowing them to make informed decisions throughout the entire planning phase.

social_setup ImageAV became their valued partner by gaining the customers trust and truly becoming a member of their team during this entire process. We were able to evaluate ways to save money, but also showed the value of spending at times to make it a custom event. By working with their team so closely we were able to interpret the vision that the client was looking for, create that vision, and give the client their desired outcome.  Assisting in site selection not only helped the customer, but it was a huge benefit for the ImageAV team working on the event as well. We were able to build relationships with the venue from the beginning and establish expectations and needs so that 75% of the venue needs were met before we arrived on site. Nick Moore summed it up nicely saying, “A site plan is so important for sticking to schedule, and it allows us to plan so much better. We like it when there are very few surprises; in this industry if it is a surprise it probably costs money.” Working hand-in-hand with the client allowed us to educate them along the way so they could start identifying what they should be looking for during site selections as well.

Successful events don’t just happen; they are created at the beginning of the process with planning and expert execution. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our customers to make sure their events are memorable for all of the right reasons.

Image Audiovisuals is a nationwide production partner for live, hybrid, and virtual events. We strive to be a partner in solving problems, reducing your stress, and having some fun along the way!

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