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Show Your Sponsors the Virtual Value

Our Virtual Experience Platform gives you unlimited sponsor impressions

From signage in each virtual event room, a variety of exhibitor booths to choose from, to sponsoring individual sessions or tracks, your sponsors will see the value of investing in your conference!

A virtual meeting room custom branded for a sponsor and exhibitor

Sponsor Opportunities Throughout the Virtual Experience Platform

  • Each room is fully customizable to include sponsor logos and links
  • Sponsor and host small meeting networking rooms with full branding
  • Create gamification with sponsor support


In Video Sponsor Ads

  • Feature multiple or single sponsors before and after each session
  • Logos can be added to the corner or as a watermark during each session
  • Slides, commercials, or video intros can be edited into sessions


Exhibit Hall with Custom BoothsA virtual exhibit hall with dedicated exhibitor booths

  • Fully manageable by the sponsor through the Exhibitor Portal
  • Upload videos and documents and create links to websites and social media
  • Live chat, Zoom links, and chat-by-appointment functionality
  • Detailed exhibitor analytics available


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