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Five Unique Virtual Sponsor Ideas

Looking for ways to spice up your virtual sponsor packages that also create audience engagement? Outside of prominent logo placements or pre-roll video ads, what are you doing to help your sponsors leave an impression? We list five ideas to elevate your virtual event sponsorships.


  1. Sponsor a networking or small meeting room. Your sponsor can host limited private sessions or open public sessions to focus on relevant or unique content. Perhaps it’s a fireside chat with a keynote speaker or a fun lesson on making your own charcuterie board. They can tailor the event to reach their target online audience.


  1. Sponsor platform-wide gamification. If you’re planning on using gamification to encourage your audience to see all the event features and Exhibitors, make it sponsored. You can offer more points for going to their booth or speaking session, and the winners of the contest can receive sponsored gifts.


  1. Sponsor exclusive content. Creating a VIP registration tier with access to exclusive content encourages your attendees to register early and builds special shared experiences. Along with sponsoring the content, that sponsor could receive a certain amount of VIP registrations to give to their top clients and prospects.


  1. Sponsor physical or digital goodie bags. Attendees would love to receive branded headphones, hand sanitizer, snacks, or a DIY ‘do not disturb’ sign kit. They can also receive virtual items like discount codes for online workout sessions or gift cards for delivery services.


  1. Sponsor pre- or post- VIP events. Similar to live events, your sponsors can throw events around your scheduled conference. Piggyback on big event trends like audio-only discussions, but still hold them in a branded virtual room.


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