ETL Virtual Session - Denver, CO - Green Screen Technology - ImageAV

Why We Pre-Recorded our ETL Session

If you tuned into ETL’s first North American event earlier this month, you may have caught our session on AV for Hybrid Events. We spoke about planning, budgeting and technology considerations for our new hybrid normal. We loved sharing what we’ve learned and having our great friend and emcee extraordinaire Carolyn Strauss join us.

(Want to see our session? Watch the 20 minute presentation and download the accompanying materials.)

We chose to pre-record our session at stream it as “live” because:

1. We didn’t have to get it right the first time

Pre-recording let us try out different material – we weren’t afraid to have off-script discussions about things we thought were interesting. We could let the conversation carry us. It also helps calm nerves because messing up isn’t a big deal. It can be reshot or edited out.


2. Our potential for technical errors decreased

Since our session was already recorded, we didn’t have to worry about someone’s home or office internet cutting out or lagging. Nothing ruins a session more than the audience not being able to hear or understand the speaker. It’s the closest solution to fool-proof you can get!


3. We could look different

We chose to film our session in “Greenland”, our huge green screen room we revamped during the pandemic. We could choose any background we want and stand out against a bunch of office walls. It really elevated and professionalized our session.

4. Editing matters

Our raw footage was expertly edited by our Engineers to tighten up the sound and picture quality and changed camera angles to keep our audience engaged. We also added in complementary text and graphics. Having our talking points and examples on the screen helps reinforce our important points.


5. Because we could

Live and virtual production is one of our biggest strengths. We’re great at creating broadcast-quality content for us and our clients, so why wouldn’t we take this opportunity to show off our stuff? 😊