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Innovative Strategies for a New Client

One of the great things about starting a new project is that we sometimes get to push the envelope a bit, pull out all the stops and spread our creative wings.

Such is the case with one of our new clients. This client, a national company providing professional liability educational programs and seminars, networking events, educational products, and information regarding professional liability, has over 7,000 members. Their annual meeting – attracting over 1,100 attendees – was held last month in New York City. The two-day event went off without a hitch and the client was thrilled. What was particularly satisfying for the Image Audiovisuals team was some of the new and creative approaches we were able to deploy.

The meeting exemplifies Image’s inventive and holistic approach to partnering with our clients. As the event’s project manager, David McGuire said, “Nothing we do is static. The fact that we were in Times Square inspired us. We wanted to bring the energy of that environment INTO the conference. So, our strategies were dynamic and a bit edgy.”

Here’s a snapshot of some of the innovative strategies:

  • A new element in spotlighting the meeting’s sponsors by using the room design to create an animated fascia board with projection mapping.
  • The management of an intricate recording system that had multiple cameras, with multiple lenses.
  • Creating and managing video-to-web availability of all the content of the meeting for those that weren’t able to attend.
  • The projection mapping of animated logo(s) throughout the meeting’s presentations and hotel spaces.
  • A redesign of the company’s visual brand that included animated motion graphics, layers, and texturing.
  • The design of acrylic back-lit tables for the event’s cocktail reception attended by 800 people.

“Keep in mind,” explained McGuire, “that you can’t just roll into Times Square in the middle of New York City with a semi truck full of equipment. The planning and orchestration of all the details had to be flawless.

“We had a total team of about 20,” McGuire said. “We had to have a lot of talented audio visual engineers present in multiple locations all at the same time. And, on the final day, we had only a 90-minute turn-around window to completely break down the show before an entirely new meeting moved into the same space. The coordination was intense.”


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