International Meeting Solutions - Cabo San Luas, Mexico - ImageAV

The Borderless Meeting: Connecting the “Far End and the Local” so your global meeting runs efficiently

Members of the Image Audiovisuals team are heading to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, to put feet on the ground and manage a multifaceted program for an Internet marketing client. Described by the project manager as a campaign that bridges what is often called, “The Far End and the Local,” this technology conference will bring in participants from all over the globe.

The project initially kicked off with the client coming to Image with multiple locations with live streaming challenges: they needed audio visual and technical support for their big annual meeting – a video conference with participants from all over the U.S., London, and Romania – but they also wanted to be able to utilize Cabo-based vendors so that they didn’t have to ship equipment and staff to the far-away locale. Image presented a solution that is not only efficient and effective but also affordable. It is a strategy that bridges multiple sites and multiple systems and makes the send-and-receive necessities of the conference run smoothly.

Four Image engineers will be onsite to provide all networking and technical support as well as to work with local vendors to secure, facilitate, and to manage all the AV and equipment needs.

The goal, as it is with ALL of our projects, is two-fold: to provide a unified presentation and to ensure a worry-free experience for the client.