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Flawless Execution for Large Meetings

Large meetings – like the Geological Society of America’s (GSA) annual conference that hosts 7,500 attendees over four days – require a particularly high level of organization and skill. The secret to ensuring flawless execution is in our team’s strategic approach to event planning, our innovative offerings that elevate presentations and the information delivery, and our dedication to fostering productive and collaborative relationships with our clients.

Project manager Dave Kreutz has been leading the Image Audiovisuals team for the GSA since 2007. Over the course of these many years, the two organizations have developed a close relationship, one where expectations and goals are not only understood, but also shared.

“There’s a great comfort level between the two teams,” Kreutz said. “They know what they are trying to accomplish, and they know we’re right there helping to make sure that happens.” Moreover, the GSA, Kreutz added, is always looking for something new. The two teams spend a great deal of time leading up to the conference “kicking around ideas” and coming up with new ways to incorporate Image’s new technologies – like live streaming of meeting and video mapping – into the event.

Over the four-day conference, there are 25 different presentation rooms running different presentations simultaneously every 20 minutes. At some of the larger breakouts, there might be as many as 300 people in attendance. 

“It’s rapid fire,” Kreutz explained. “It all has to be on time and run without any glitches.”

Our strategies included having planning meetings throughout the year; processing feedback from staff, attendees, and presenters; and making ourselves available for our client at all times.

“Our long-standing partnership with Image Audiovisuals has allowed us to deliver the best technology available to our meeting attendees,” said William Cox, CMP, senior meetings & exhibits coordinator for the Geological Society of America.They bring professional results with a personal touch.”