Growing Up in the AV World


My name is Sarah.


I am 21 years old, starting my senior year at Arizona State University. I love to travel, read, and hate cucumbers. My younger brother Adam graduated from high school in May and is off to do incredible things with his next four years. My parents are honest, witty, hardworking people. My parents are Dave and Diana Mueller, President and CEO of Image Audiovisuals.

Their office is located in south Denver, a building I can navigate with my eyes closed. I remember spending my summers in the kids’ room, stealing office supplies to color and watching the same four VHS movies on a TV older than I was. I remember running through the building, echoing as my brother and I soared down empty halls. I remember figuring out at the age of six that Uncle Ron was not actually my real uncle but a long-time friend and the second employee my dad ever had. I remember the annual summer and winter parties at our home, the company too small at the time to have them anywhere else. I remember being in elementary school and having a crush on one of my parents’ employees, following him around every chance I could (sorry about that Hurley). I have watched this company develop into the powerhouse that it is today.

I grew up in this building.


And here I am once again, yet this time I’m not hiding in the kids’ room. I sit at the front desk, answering calls instead of making fake ones to my parents. You can say I came full circle, that I was destined, in a way, to be here. But this was never part of my plan. Employees and neighbors alike would ask when I was taking over the family business, a question I always responded with an eye roll and a chuckle. I could never work here, I thought. My parents are the boss of me at home, why would I want to make that true 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

However this summer I was presented with a great position at Image. Not only am I the office manager but I was also given the opportunity to assist with marketing and sales efforts; things I hope to do after I graduate next spring. I’m learning much more about this family business than I ever anticipated. I’ve seen my parents work as a team at home; raising me and my brother was no cakewalk I can promise you that. But now I see them work as a team here as well. I see them lead by example and work hard every single day to propel Image even further. I became a part of the environment they created here, filled with a relaxed but dedicated staff. Some employees have worked here since my brother and I were born – a result of having understanding and awesome bosses like my parents.


You can say that I came full circle.


That I was destined, in a way, to be here.  And now I’m starting to think so, too. I have never been more proud of my parents for creating this business, for hiring outstanding employees that have turned into family, and (as cliché as it is) for teaching me what it really means to follow your dreams. I love you both very much.