The Virtual Platform

The Experience you've been waiting for

Engage. Connect. Energize.

The platform allows your attendees to participate in your custom branded conference virtually. They can explore the Auditorium, engage in the Meeting Rooms, visit sponsors in the Exhibit Hall and socialize with other attendees in the Lounge.

Use our designs or yours! Either way, your Virtual Experience is customized to fit your branding. Your attendees can create their own personalized schedule and get push notifications of their upcoming events.


  • Registration and e-commerce
  • Unlimited sponsor impression opportunities
  • Attendee push notifications
  • Detailed analytics   

  • API Integration
  • Personalized conference schedule
  • Chat functions in each room
  • Support before, during and after the conference

Our platform was developed based on customer feedback and user groups, so every type of event stakeholder had a seat at the table. We built the Experience to be fully customizable to create as many sponsor impressions and interactions as possible.

Your sponsors will benefit from plenty of opportunities throughout each virtual room and the content recordings to get in front of your audience. The platform lives on for as long as you’d like, further increasing their reach.

Our Expo Lobby and Exhibit Hall allow your exhibitors to feature and demonstrate their products and services, while providing additional opportunities to stand out.

Have as many exhibitors in one hall as you'd like or arrange them by name, track or specialty. You choose!

The custom Exhibit Hall also includes virtual swag bags and individual exhibitor analytics.

Virtual Exhibitor Booths:
  • Exhibitors can choose their booth style and size
  • Upload posters, links, pictures and videos to display
  • Add documents for attendees to download
  • Live chat and chat-by-appointment available
  • External links to websites and social media