The Session Platform

One Click. Any Device.

We developed the e-Attend™ Session Platform to give meeting organizers and attendees an easy to use platform to publish, archive, and view professionally recorded, high definition sessions.  Our proprietary capture, delivery and e-commerce platform allows your event to live on long after the closing session and can continue to add revenue to your bottom line for years to come!

Session Capture

All sessions are recorded in high definition and delivered in MP4 format. Our e-Attend™ recordings combine the speaker’s presentation with a fully-synchronized soundtrack of their voice. Our screen capture system includes mouse movements, ARS polling questions/responses, slide builds, animations and embedded full-motion video.


  • Searchability ~ Sessions are searchable by presenter name, topic, track, date, and/or keyword
  • Note-Taking ~ Users can pause the playback and add notes for future reference.
  • Thumbnail Navigation ~ Users can easily navigate to their desired location in the session
  • Bookmarking ~ Users can stop the playback and come back to the same location where they left off


One Click. Any Device.
Your content is streamed from our proprietary Cloud-based, Microsoft Azure platform and can be accessed on any device that can access the internet. Optimized for any device including tablets and smartphones. Sessions can be accessed within 24 hours of your event.

Our proprietary platform uses the newest software and technology to automate many of the tedious tasks that you currently do manually - like uploading session schedules, speaker information and room assignments, saving you precious time.


  • Client Portal ~ Easily populate and update Attendee, Session and Speaker information ~ no more excel spreadsheets and manually populating the data!  Client Admins have access to on-demand reports
  • Speaker Portal ~ Easy access for presenters to customize their permissions, and upload biographies and photos

  • Customer Support Portal ~ Your attendees can access the customer support portal to get answers to any question they may have during business hours

e-Commerce & Registration

Use our registration and e-Commerce platform or link your registration vendor through an open API for a single sign-on.  Our registration page is fully customizable; add a welcome video, conference messaging, or instructions for accessing your virtual content.  You can also choose what information to gather for attendee registration.

The platform can accommodate registrations with multiple categories (e.g. member, non-member, student) and can control distribution, downloading permissions, and e-Commerce packages. You have the flexibility to choose who has access to your content and determine the cost structure.

e-Commerce & Registration

A dedicated site with your custom branding is used to securely distribute your session content. e-Attend™ has flexible e-Commerce options for you and we manage them all through our secured platform

We know that each client has needs specific to their organization and event. You have the flexibility to choose how your content is distributed and determine the cost structure.

Packages:  Individual sessions, customized tracks or the entire library.
Distribution:  Open access, single access or multi-user license.
Downloading:  Allow or Restrict Downloads, Audio only or full presentations - you decide!


e-Attend™ Kiosks

Our kiosk point of sale system expedites the purchasing process for your attendees. Our sales staff will be on hand to provide assistance to those needing it.

The benefits of the kiosk are:

  • Assist multiple attendees simultaneously
  • Avoid long purchasing lines, creating a better experience for the attendee
  • Smaller sales location required
  • Less staff needed to process more sales, freeing staff up to focus on customer support

Marketing Solutions

Capturing your content creates long-lasting value for your members and sponsors. We work closely with your team to create customized solutions to maximize revenue. A few of the options we offer are:  

  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Links to Client Social Media and Sponsors
  • Create Custom Email Campaigns Targeted Towards Attendees, Non-attendees and Members
  • On-site Printed Marketing Pieces
  • Coordination with your App team
  • Analytics Reporting

Continuing Education

We know how important continuing education is to your audience.  Maximize the educational value of your meeting by providing easy access links to continuing education credits.