Conference Planning Tips -3 Reasons Hybrid Conferences Are Valuable

Hybrid events (a mix of online and offline events) have grown in popularity over the past decade or so because they allow event organizers to reach a wider audience, improve event ROI, and give companies access to valuable data points they otherwise wouldn’t have. They also help in times of Pandemic!

3 Benefits to Hybrid Events:

Better Reach: Not everyone in your target market will be able to attend your events due to scheduling conflicts and/or budgetary restrictions. By making your event available online, you’ll remove these barriers and reach more people with your content.

ROI that you can actually calculate! Just because someone can’t afford to attend your in-person gathering doesn’t mean they expect all content to be free! You can sell virtual access to your conferences for a discounted price, boosting event ROI along the way. You can also use keynote and session recordings as promotional pieces in the future, which has the potential to significantly lower your marketing costs.

Data you can use! It’s much easier to track event engagement through virtual conferences because every move an attendee makes is automatically archived. This information can then be used to improve event details in the future.
As you can see, hybrid events can be incredibly valuable when used correctly.