Uses for Projection Mapping at Your Next Event or Conference

Image Courtesy of Limsila via Flickr The Sydney Opera House is one of the most distinct and iconic buildings in the world. Completed in 1973, the building is well-known as a monument to Expressionist architecture as well as the home of several world-class performances. The design of the Sydney Opera House — namely, the large shells that make up the roof of the structure — make it an excellent showcase of what 3D projection mapping is capable of. At night, … Read More

Five Things to Know When Hiring an AV Company for Your Next Event

There are so many things to think about when planning a big event. From managing the attendee list to making sure all partnerships and sponsors follow through on their commitments, a successful event requires lots of moving parts to work together. One of the most important aspects of a successful event is also one of the most overlooked. When an audiovisual team does their job correctly, event attendees might not even notice. However, when an AV team fails to do … Read More

2017 Meeting and Technology Trends

By Holly Hein: Image Audiovisuals The landscape of event planning and attendance is changing dramatically as we continue to advance in the technology world. 2017 is promising to show several advancements to video production capabilities, and audio visual enhancements. Here are our top five predictions in event trends for 2017 and beyond. Social media channels are targeting events with a focus on video and live streaming. We are already getting notifications that our friends are ‘live’ on Facebook. In 2017 … Read More

Take the Guess Work Out of Site Selection, and Help Your Bottom Line

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Recently Image Audiovisuals’ was able to help one of our clients with the daunting task of site selection for several of their events across the US. Not only were we saving the client time, but just as importantly, we were able to address several obstacles beforehand saving the client money and unneeded on-site hassle. This was a large technology company that was putting together a showcase tour to highlight the company and its recent successes. They were having difficulties finding … Read More

Why Vote for Image Audiovisuals for the ‘2017 Best of Colorado Awards’?

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We’ll Tell You Why!   Voting is open for the ‘2017 Best of Colorado Awards’ and everyone in the industry is asking you to vote for them, but is anyone telling you WHY they should get your vote? We at ImageAV would like to prove our successes in 2016 and show you what we have been working so hard on and how we have earned the title of ‘Best A/V Provider’ in 2017.   Vote Here! and choose Image Audiovisuals … Read More

Employee Spotlight: Levi Bulkley

Levi Bulkley is this month’s Employee Spotlight here at ImageAV. Levi has led an adventurous life taking him on a wild ride from GA to CO to pursue his philanthropic passions while having fun and learning to live life to its fullest along the way.   Are you originally from Colorado, if not, what brought you out here?    I’m originally from Atlanta, GA. I love my hometown and really never thought about leaving until fate stepped in. I was … Read More

Service Spotlight: 12 City Roadshow

The Image Audiovisuals crew just wrapped up an exciting 12 city roadshow for a large company looking to streamline its event process. ImageAV provided the AV in each city alleviating the customers problem of using a new in-house provider with inconsistent vendors that didn’t know their show setup or staff for each production. By being the only AV provider for all 12 shows our crew was able to develop a routine with the traveling staff and presenters at the company … Read More

Lights, Camera, Action; Event Photo Highlight

Image Audiovisuals is involved in hundreds of live events annually, we have everything from large scale concerts to intimate boardroom meetings, and everything in-between. We recently worked on a comprehensive, knowledge-based resource event for industry leaders which included general session speakers, technical breakout sessions, and a high production concert all wrapped up in one. The main screen utilized at this event was a 15’x45’ blend which created unique opportunities for the client to showcase custom screen content, including a beautiful presentation … Read More

Employee Spotlight: Tyree Booker

In this months Image Audiovisuals’ Employee Spotlight we are featuring Tyree Booker as he takes on a new role within ImageAV in a crucial position at the Colorado Convention Center (CCC). To keep up with the growing business levels at the CCC, Tyree will transition to a position on the team in a sales capacity. Tyree’s proven track record of creating creative client solutions that communicate the clients message will be a huge asset to the team, and he is … Read More

Employee Spotlight: Dave Mueller, Founder and Owner, Image Audiovisuals

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In this month’s employee spotlight we are peeling back the layers and getting to know the founder and owner of Image Audiovisuals, Dave Mueller, on a personal level. Dave has been driven to make ImageAV the best in the business and has an active and hands-on role in the day-to-day operations of the business; but he did take time out of his busy schedule to sit down and share some of his passions outside of the office. Find out directly … Read More

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